Every project needs the human touch. Our technology and expertise are second to none, but it’s our focus, relentless drive, and commitment to exceeding client expectations that set us apart. It’s why industry powerhouses like MIT Media Lab, Pfizer, and The Wall Street Journal rely on our advanced technology.

What We Do

Designing and Delivering Change with Innovative Services.


AR/VR/XR Development

We develop augmented, virtual, and mixed reality programs and products, including training simulations and immersive K-12 STEM modules. Our gamification & storytelling skills can measurably improve employee engagement and student retention.


Metaverse Development

Our metaverse strategists prepare entrepreneurs, companies, and brands for a new era. Our expert NFT, Web 3.0 and Solidity engineers tailor solutions and products to meet client needs in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Do not get left behind.


Custom Development

Do you have an idea for a digital product, program, or app? We’ll help you bring it to life, from initial idea to prototype all the way to market by leveraging our distribution network. Whether you need us to serve as CTO, project lead, or contributer, we’re ready to execute.

Trusted & Renowned

We partner with companies and organizations that are pushing industry limits.

Our Work

Developing products, programs and applications to inspire and improve.

Animal Heroes

In partnership with Mystic Aquarium, we developed Animal Heroes, a subscription-based multimedia program for kids aged 6–11 that brings wildlife, nature and science education to life through games, quizzes, activities, and AR.

Smart Seal

Smart Seal is a secure NFC/NFT coupling system that enables proof of authenticity, ownership and possession of luxury goods, like watches and art. The mobile application will also allow people to bring their product to life in augmented reality.


In collaboration with Connecticut Children’s Hospital, we are developing ARx, the only Health Literacy tool that uses mixed reality content and storytelling to bring health information to life for patients of all ages.

Success starts with change and ARSOME Technology

We believe every project begins with a human touch. Our technology and expertise are second to none, but it’s our communication, focus, and relentless drive that exceeds client expectations. It’s why we have a 5-star Google Rating and are selected by industry trailblazers for technology, like Pfizer and MIT Media Lab. Contact us today.


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