Bring Health Information To Life

ARx is a digital platform that deploys specific and focused applications to improve health literacy for kids, caregivers, families, and patients around the world with storytelling and 3D animation. Each application represents a specific health focus to improve awareness and generate interest in topics like HIV/AIDS, obesity, genetic conditions, and proper use of medication. Each application leverages existing FDA data and pre-developed templates for accuracy and efficiency.

Provide a Self-Paced Health Journey

ARx provides a visual and audio learning experience for patients that will keep them informed of instructions, warnings, side effects, and the consequences of inaction. (Providing health information in bite sizes results in better retention.) Besides increasing patient engagement and encouraging individuals to take control of their health, ARx provides valuable back-end data on patient activity for caregivers, healthcare professionals and parents. Learn more about the success we’ve had with ARx today.

ARSOME Technology partnered with Connecticut Children's in 2021 to design, develop, test and iterate an augmented reality application to educate patients on specific health literacy topics. Contact us if you'd like to be part of our journey to increase health literacy in the USA and around the world.

Benefits of AR/VR/XR in Health Education

Augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technology brings information to life for a more emotional and engaging patient experience. Develop your personalized experience today.




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Illness & Disease


Surgery Preparation


DNA & Genetic Testing


Behavioral Disorders

Success starts with change and ARSOME Technology

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