Augmented Reality in the Great Outdoors

May 1, 2021

From Connecticut to California

In the summer of 2016, it might have seemed as though you couldn’t walk down a city street or relax in a public park without seeing someone intently staring at their mobile device and inexplicably lunging, jumping, and making audible sounds of disappointment or triumph.

No matter where you were, from Connecticut to California and everywhere in between, the augmented reality (AR) game Pokémon GO—which encouraged users to head outdoors to find, catch, and train virtual creatures—had become a viral sensation.

Some 600 million people around the globe have now downloaded the game, but Pokémon GOis far from the only reason to get up off the sofa, augment your reality, and have some fun.

Outdoor Augmented Reality Games

With AR technology booming, there’s something for every age, fitness level, and taste. One fun example: an app that requires users to walk as much as possible in order to “fuel” a rocket ship that will take them to virtual planets to meet lost space creatures who need their help. And if running is more your speed, why simply do laps around a track when you could be escaping from AR zombies? There are apps that require you to do exactly that, with users attempting to survive a zombie apocalypse by racingto a safe outpost, gatheringsupplies,and helpingrescue virtual compatriots along the way.

There’s plenty, as well, ideally suited for the youngest AR enthusiasts, with colorful graphics, educational themes, and ways to work off some energy.One playground-based game, for example, lets kids hop into virtual cars to racelaps, stoppingto allow their parent or caregiver to wipe their windshield (face) or fuel them up (with a snack). Another encourages them to crawl through tubes and up ladders todiscover AR dinosaur bones.

Augmented Astronomy and More

It’s more than just fun and fitness where AR is concerned, however Many augmented reality apps encourage the entire family to get outside and learn about the world around them.Armchair astronomers, for example, can download apps that let them point their mobile device at the night sky and, with the help of an AR overlay, identify constellations, planets, comets, and more.

On a hike or backpacking trip? AR appscan help you navigate unfamiliar trails, identify plant life, show you what awaits at the top of a mountain peak, and more.

Bringing the Wild to You When You Can’t Head into the Wild

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when many zoos and aquariums were forced to close their doors to in-person visitors, some found that virtual tours proved to be highly popular. Viewers could watch the penguins frolic at the San Diego Zooorthe pandas in Atlantavia live cams, schedule a personal meet-and-greet with Peaches the warthog at the Bronx Zoo, or don VR glasses to take a 360-degree stroll through the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

At Connecticut’s Mystic Aquarium, not far from the headquarters of ARSOME Technology,nowin-person visitors can even go on an immersive virtual reality shark dive or whale-watching expedition that showcases what’s possible when passionate educators use cutting-edge tech to inspire, teach, and entertain.

Mystics Animal Heroes

ARSOME and the aquarium are not just Connecticut neighbors: the two organizations recently partnered on “Animal Heroes,” a subscription box that gives kidsages 6 to 11 a chance to learn about a new marine animal each month through interactive games, activities, and video content. You can learn more about subscribing here.

So whether you’re a kid who loves penguins, a teen who enjoys zombie movies, or an amateur naturalist eager to explore, prepare to head outside and get moving!

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