We incorporate lessons learned, develop the infrastructure for scale, and anticipate tremendous user adoption. All projects are overseen by a Certified Project Manager, documentation is provided, and we often invest $50,000 - $250,000 in ideas that are industry-disruptive.

Expertise Overview

We storyboard and develop digital products, programs, applications, ecosystems, algorithms, and APIs as project lead or project contributor. After assessing the idea, invention, or wireframe we craft custom, creative technology that incorporates storytelling and gamification where appropriate. Our expertise and technology enable users to get more out of your brand by building communities, leveraging connectivity features, and boosting retention. Align AR/VR/XR, blockchain, or NFT technology to your Product Development project and you’ll appreciate the value and synergy of our ecosystem.

K-12 Education
Product Education

Product Development

Turning ideas and inventions into engaging products, ecosystems, and applications is essential for any enterprise. We understand the need to align your product’s features and functionality to the target market, curriculum/content, industry standards—and the future. Regardless of your industry, our tailored approach is iterative and agile, and you can count on us to develop a digital application or program that aligns seamlessly with a physical product or existing program. Outsource a full project or a complex bug, error, or algorithm, and we will do the rest.

App Development
SDK & API Development
Learning Management System
Artificial Intelligence
Predictive Analytics
iOT & Connectivity


Animal Heroes

In partnership with Mystic Aquarium, we designed and developed Animal Heroes, a subscription-based multimedia program for kids 6–11 that brings wildlife, nature and science education to life with augmented reality. All 12 modules include game-based and AR learning, hands-on activities, outdoor explorations, and more!


ZIPPRD is a digital platform that allows edtech entrepreneurs to present, test, pilot, iterate, and commercialize their products to schools and organizations in a connected centralized community. Developed by educators for educators, ZIPPRD’s front- and back-end infrastructure is advanced with machine learning technology.

Success starts with change and ARSOME Technology

We believe every project begins with a human touch. Our technology and expertise are second to none, but it’s our communication, focus, and relentless drive that exceeds client expectations. It’s why we have a 5-star Google Rating and are selected by industry trailblazers for technology, like Pfizer and MIT Media Lab. Contact us today.