How can Virtual Reality Improve Driving Training?

November 09, 2020

The driving training industry is ignoring a huge possible game-changer for training — virtual reality. Virtual Reality is a great way to train new employees before they actually get on the scene. Virtual reality driving training is also a great way to avoid outsourcing training altogether. It saves both time and money.

Driving is one of the few things that are especially important to learn properly in the beginning. This is because one’s driving effects more than the annoyance of drivers around them, it can cost lives. The mortality rate has been going down, yet they are still not low enough. In 2018, there were 36,650 vehicle-related deaths. All of those deaths were of licensed adult drivers.

For truck drivers, the stakes are even higher. Though workers get through the CDL tests, that knowledge is often not improved on or revisited. This is shocking as truck driving has one of the highest mortality rates of any job. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that “885 large truck occupants died in 2018. That’s an increase of almost 1 percent compared to the prior year. It is the highest since 1988 when 911 occupants of large trucks died.” This means that despite all of the technological advancements since 1988 and new ways of training and testing drivers, the mortality rate is surprisingly close. With virtual reality training available to put future employees into the drivers’ seat without putting them on the road.

Virtual reality driving training has many plus sides. Virtual reality is already a very immersive medium, that allows people to move, speak, and listen as they would in the “real world”. Because of this VR training allows users to come close to the actual experience they’re training for. By using a VR training program, you allow for proper tracking and streamlining of all training efforts. The program can be recorded and looked at by a superior and progress can be easily measurable with certain guidelines put in place.

With a program and a few extra pieces that are easily transportable, you can essentially train anyone to drive a truck, and even train them on equipment one may need if an issue arises. According to the Bureau of Labor, “the most common workplace deaths were related to transportation, with transportation accidents accounting for more than 2,000 work-related deaths. That’s 40% of all work-related fatalities.” Of course, some accidents are strictly just accidents, but others can be avoided with highly detailed, understandable, and even entertaining, on some level, training. By creating training that is as entertaining as it is disciplinary, you can be sure you’re leaving future employees and more importantly, future road-users 99.9% ready for the road.

Virtual reality can not only help minimize unsafe driving habits, but it also saves money. By insourcing and using a program that only needs to be bought once, you effectively lessen the costs of training altogether. Rather than putting workers into sometimes very expensive classes over and over again, you can run the same partner through the same training machine within the same day. ARSOME Technology offers both the training modules and the pieces required to have the full virtual training experience.

Investing in virtual reality training in your company is investing in your future. The technology will hold out for many years to come, and allow for a fast, seamless transition onto the road for your employees and/or students. To learn more on how you can bring this training to your company, click here.

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