We are experts in augmented, virtual, and mixed reality development (AR/VR/XR) and work with the most advanced hardware and software platforms, including the Microsoft Hololens, Oculus, and Unity.

Expertise Overview

By listening to our customers' needs and pain points, we develop AR/VR/XR strategies for a wide variety of specific industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, aviation, and Insurance. Our in-house engineers, coders, and game developers can enhance existing curriculum and content, and our in-house educators and 3D developers are able to create innovative custom content in alignment with your new programs and products. We are hardware agnostic and will make recommendations based on the supported requirements.

Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality
Mixed Reality
3D Model Design & Animation
Computer Vision
Data Integration

Product Development

AR/VR/XR is reinventing how employees and students learn and interact. Designed for a group or individual, an immersive simulation can breathe new life into employee onboarding or make K-12 STEM content come alive for students. Administrators are able to review user data (student, employee, customer) for continuous improvement and iteration of the AR/VR/XR technology or simulation. We recommend injecting a reward, game, or storytelling strategy to the program or application for better engagement, retention, and overall adoption.

Corporate Training
Safety Training
Health Literacy
Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
Animal Conservation

Success starts with change and ARSOME Technology

We believe every project begins with a human touch. Our technology and expertise are second to none, but it’s our communication, focus, and relentless drive that exceeds client expectations. It’s why we have a 5-star Google Rating and are selected by industry trailblazers for technology, like Pfizer and MIT Media Lab. Contact us today.


VR Driving Simulator

Our virtual reality Driving Simulator is renowned. It's an ideal training tool for first responders, police, military, driving schools, and companies that require continuous improvement, assessment and training for operators of any type of vehicle, including 18-wheelers. All training modules are measurable, experiential, and compatible with commercially available hardware and VR headsets.


In collaboration with Connecticut Children’s Hospital, one of the best such facilities in the nation, we are developing ARx, the only Health Literacy tool that uses mixed reality content to bring health information to life for patients via physical objects like prescription bottles and lab reports.