OUR STORY The Beginning

It all started with a tenacious college student. When David Oyanadel’s Information Management course at Eastern Connecticut State University was filled to capacity in 2015, Benjamin Williams wouldn’t take no for an answer. Impressed with his determination, David found room in the class, and that decision changed both of their lives.

It didn’t take long for the two to bond over their mutual passion for entrepreneurship and technology, and after almost two decades in higher education, David left to join Benjamin in a Connecticut-based start-up: ARSOME Technology.

Now, years later, the two are still proving the power of technology to solve complex problems by operating a multi-million dollar software company, helping a wide range of fellow entrepreneurs and investing in disruptive entrepreneurs/ideas.

Executive & Management

We are a tight-knit team of Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Investors, Partners and Experts.

Benjamin Williams (MS,MBA,MA)

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David Oyanadel (BS,MS,EMBA)

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Terry Williams (Ph.D)

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Yvonne Davis (BA,MA,MS)

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Jason Anklowitz (BA,Ed.M,MBA)

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Kai Hung-Wang (B.S,M.S)

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Working with 20+ software developers, designers,
engineers, and creatives

Agile and Collaborative

For us, business is personal. Our hands-on, collaborative approach is fun and effective. In beginning a project the ARSOME way, we emphasize the importance of the storyboard, and define the user profile, function and features. If necessary, our agile software development allows us to shift direction at any time.

A program that teaches and changes paths

Interested in becoming an ARSOME intern? Our internship program is challenging, rewarding, and far from traditional. Hear Eric's story and unleash your potential today.