Technology to Look Out for Going Into the New Year

August 23, 2021

This year has been possibly one of the most ‘intense’ years of most of our lives. Here’s a helpful guide to start your year ‘in the know’.

The coronavirus has taken what would have been a normal end of the year to a moment of excitement and possibly even trepidation while looking forward to the new year. Let us take some of the guesswork out and turn you towards what will most likely be some of the most interesting and exciting parts of the new year in the technology industry. Let us help you start your year off right.

Immersive Technology — AR, VR & XR

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise. With Apple planning on entering the market with their own Augmented Reality glasses and Virtual Reality now being seen as a cheaper and time-effective way to train employees in technical fields, 2021 is a year full of only more opportunities for the immersive technology world. Though Apple’s AR glasses are currently a rumor, it shows how close the technology industry is to taking a turn towards what has previously been known as “futuristic technology”. Not only this but through the telling of the rumor, the world is expecting a turn out not only from Apple but possibly other companies looking to break into the world of immersive technology. Turns out the future is here. The world may never be the same due to Coronavirus so technology that removes some of that physical contact but keeps the emotional kind is expected to reach heights in the coming years. Keep your eyes peeled for this technology, not only as a ‘new’ thing to try out as a consumer but as a possibly smart business decision to either invest in for your personal company or invest in through stocks.

Increased Usage of AI

If you’ve missed the news of how AI has been used in recent months then let us be your quick refresher. With coronavirus still in our midst, it’s not surprising the tech world has gotten more creative with how we’re using technology to assist us wherever we are. From using artificial intelligence robots to sanitize hospital rooms due to the coronavirus pandemic to the US Air Force more recently utilizing it to copilot military aircraft, artificial intelligence is only expected to grow more. The advancements from just this year has created a world of possibilities for this upcoming year and we’re excited to even see how artificial intelligence will go hand in hand with immersive technology.

5G Compatibility

5G has already taken the world by storm, whether from rumors or from excitement in the world of possibilities 5G opens for us. For those unfamiliar with what exactly 5G is, “ 5G enables a new kind of network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices”. If you were wondering, 4G was the beginning of an era of mobile broadbands (making for easier and more efficient communication especially through Wi-Fi). 5G is the upgraded version of 4G, being both more reliable and quicker. This is especially important in the fields of healthcare, transportation, and of course mobile-use as communication is notably one of the more important factors in each of these industries. Although 5G was introduced this year, in 2021, we’ll get more of an idea as to just how beneficial it is and where it should be applied the most.

System Automation

System automation is expected to grow exponentially in the next year With a more prominent focus on Artificial Intelligence and the 5G network, this is expected. A more complex understanding of the uses and benefits of system automation will streamline the efforts of workers in certain industries from the healthcare industry to the engineering ones. Again, a main focus this year will be on data and how to transmit and receive data at a quicker and higher rate than this one. System automation will definitely play a role in that upgrade.

Edge Computing

For those unfamiliar with the term, edge computing is “a distributed, open IT architecture that features decentralized processing power, enabling mobile computing and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies”. IoT refers to technologies such as turning off the lights of your home with a Wi-Fi dependent mobile app, doorbell cameras, and even your smart watch’s ability to not only track your fitness but send tips from the internet on how to improve yourself. Edge computing fills in the gaps Cloud computing could not. Whereas this year the cloud was all the buzz, this upcoming year edge computing is what you should turn your gaze to. This comes back to the efficiency of communication with data at the forefront of it all. With edge computing, time-sensitive data gets where it needs to get at a quicker rate, and “IoT” technologies will work not only quicker but allow for efficient data processing no matter the size.

2020 took the world by storm and hopefully 2021 will take the world by a different storm. With these technologies to look forward to and the proper optimization of your business structures and plans, 2021 might just be your year.

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