Top 5 Things to Do With a VR Headset

October 10, 2020

With the appearance of the new Oculus Quest 2, many are starting to debate whether or not to get one. The Oculus Quest 2 is at an astonishing low for the VR industry at $300 and is in no way a downgrade from other VR headsets. It allows almost complete freedom with every piece being completely wireless. With this VR headset being as cheap/cheaper than consoles and being compatible with TVs and computers, it’s no wonder why many are beginning to look at VR as a possible option, not only for entertainment purposes but professional ones.

1. Gaming

This is an obvious plus to Virtual Reality technology. It has been one of the larger pluses to virtual reality headsets, and the gaming community has been the most willing to adopt the technology. From dancing games, to first-person shooters, and horror games VR makes these games a more interesting, immersive, and sometimes truly terrifying experience. It also helps gamers get on their feet rather than sitting down all day to play. Not only this, but it offers an escape and there have been conversations about virtual reality therapy both as an escape and to deal with fears.

2. Tourism & Research

This is another popular way to use VR headsets. Traveling, especially now, in the age of Covid-19, isn’t an option for many. It’s either too expensive, unsafe, or requires too much time off. Virtual reality offers a trip without the expenses, the fear of flying, and can put you in whatever space you want right after your 9–5 job. This is also a wonderful way to do site research. For many authors, artists, and educators, sometimes there’s no better way to create worlds than to see worlds. Life imitates art as art imitates life. Creation never comes from nothing, and virtual reality gives one the opportunity to truly create realistic environments and stories.

3. Driving Training

This one might come at more of a surprise. Transportation is one of the largest occupational risks according to the Bureau of Labor. Because of this, it can be safer to teach most of the basics and have students “drive” without actually hitting the road and/or warehouse. For trucking especially, risks are high with trucking being one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Virtual reality driving training keeps future employees safe and reduces costs that would be accumulated from more traditional training schools. This is an important point for professionals who own transportation companies, trucking companies, or even driving schools. Rather than putting a student behind the wheel with a teacher, it is much safer and timely to buy the software and headsets and get them used to the “car” without even entering one.

4. Art & Storytelling

Artists everywhere often dream of bringing their art to life. Whether an animator or not, virtual reality truly makes art seem like it’s coming to life. It allows artists to exist truly inside their art, and may help their eye for 3D and concept artists. For storytellers, VR has many capabilities. A picture book can be read in one of the most interesting ways. Characters can be brought to life on every page with the pages looking as large as life. 3D movies are being brought to the next level with Virtual Reality. The possibilities are endless and will only continue to expand.

5. Manufacturing/Engineering

Virtual reality can allow manufacturers and engineers to not only train new employees, but to visualize projects before even beginning the physical creation of said products. Doing so can help save money, time, and keep issues from arising. Sometimes we forget something, or simply don’t think of very specific issues coming up until we’re actually moving forward with a project. Virtual reality can minimize that risk for everyone to help create the best product that one can create.

With a pair of VR goggles, the world becomes just a bit smaller and can fit in your hands. As virtual reality headsets become more affordable and more unique and useful programs become available, the world will see a VR boom like no other. It has already begun. The question is, when will you adapt to the changes for your own benefits?

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